What really makes the difference

In the last few weeks, I have read a couple of books about Managing Organizations. Good readings, indeed. The authors present different Management styles and they even identify some factors with which –they argue- the organizations could be completely transformed. And when transforming the organizations, the whole society and our way of living is transformed…  To make the world a better place to live in.

I also have my hypothesis: I think there are just two virtues able to transform the entire world: love and compassion. They are always available inside every one of us. Ready to enter into action. Let’s try and check what the results are. They could be amazing! Couldn’t they?

Live with passion, enjoy, share!

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I will lead, not follow!

It was a kind of declaration I was asked to repeat time after time in a motivation seminar I attended many years ago: I will lead, not follow. It sounds well, doesn’t it?

I am not really aware of how much I have led since then. For sure, much less than what I have followed. At this current time, we are invited to follow anyone, everywhere, all the time, anyhow: facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp groups and many others.

How important it is to choose the ones we follow! Have you ever thought what kind of stuff are we exposed to? Which impact is having in us? How is it affecting our character, our actions, our way of living?

Be selective with whom you follow. Select what you want to receive and establish your own rules. Otherwise, someone will do it for you.

Have a nice week!

What a blessing!

You can recognize them quite well. You can see it in their faces: there is a magic brightness in their eyes, a permanent kind greeting in their smiles.

They are persons like you and me. No matter their education level, neither their social status. They face similar difficulties than us. It doesn’t matter where they live.

What matters is that they have a strong joy inside them.
They feel a hopeful trust in what is coming.
They are always thankful for what they get, no matter how much expected it is. They accept it, they welcome what it comes to them. Even whether it is good or bad.
They face future with confidence, no matter how uncertain it is.

Where do these joy and confidence come from?
I see that they have a spiritual gift in common: they pray to God, they praise God, they worship God.They say their joy and strength are coming from God.

Thank you, God, for having them among us. Thank you, God, for their blessed presence in this world in need! Thank you all, indeed.

Have a nice week!

What is friendship made of?

If our friendship depends on things like space and time, then when we finally overcome space and time, we’ve destroyed our own brotherhood! But overcome space, and all we have left is here. Overcome time, and all we have left is now. And in the middle of here and now, don’t you think that we might see each other once or twice?

It is Richard Bach and his wonderful Jonhatan Livingston Seagull. Have you ever read it?

If friendship remains no matter space, if it lasts no matter time… What is friendship made of, then? How do we build our friendship, my dear friend? 

Have a great long week-end.

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3S, the real meaning

3S may mean Security, Success, Satisfaction… Three values quite desired in our western culture. Most of us already have them. Some of us still strive to get them.

There are some other meanings for 3S. For instance Somalia, South Sudan, Siria… They cry out as loudly as they can. They are just dying to SURVIVE.

Somalia, South Sudan, Siria, and many others. Too many others…

What could you do for them, right now? Share this post, PLEASE!

Some more suggestions:

Save the Children      Mary’s meals     Unicef     Aid to the Church in Need

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