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Last call for action

Yes, this is my last call for action. I am asking for your contribution to make our first charity project a reality. 

Next October, the 20th is the deadline to receive your donations. Just because the 24th of October we will transfer the collected money to Fogo Island, in Cape Verde.

I have a few reasons to make this last call:

  1. We all need a reminder to even perform the actions we are most committed with. Also this one. 
  2. My commitment with this project is huge: it comes from my dear friend Gilson Patrick and a family of his Church. His call is more than reasonable. 
  3. In my opinion, to establish a deadline is the most effective way to attain an objective. A project should have the start and the end. 
  4. A deadline urges us to an inmediate action.
  • How can you make your contribution? Two ways are available:
  • ♥ W. Transfer IBAN: ES93 2085 9742 1603 3034 6260
  • ♥ Paypal:       €20     €50    €100           Others
  • Thank you very much for your generosity and support! 
  • Have a great day!
    Be alive, enjoy, share!