Passionate living

Just a supportive living can be a passionate one

  • Gilson is a young priest I met a couple of years ago at Taizé community in France, where every summer thousands of youngsters gather to share their faith and enjoy friendship.
  • Gilson was born in Cape Verde. He is currently working with the poorest people in Fogo Island. To me, Cape Verde did not exist until I met Gilson, neither their people.
  • A few days ago, my friend told me about a family whose house lacks a bathroom. Something as simple as a bathroom. At least, for us who use ours every single day without being aware of how lucky we are. For that and for so many other blessings.
  • 1,500 €? Maybe, even less. This is the first development project is going to support. We commit to donate 10€ per post and 1€ per comment. Since the beginning of the year: 56 posts and 80 comments.
  • We will be pleased if you kindly support this first project. Your economical contribution is welcome. Thank you so much.
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